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The Pathways Program

Pathways is an intensive, academic program for the most vulnerable, at-risk students in grades 6-12


Strong boundaries are in place to assist students in monitor their academic achievement, behavior, and to set personal goals.Through an exclusive online credit recovery platform, students are afforded the opportunity to catch-up on credits. The Edgenuity curriculum is used to meet the graduation requirements of all middle school and high school students.Teachers monitor individual students’ academic progress on a daily basis. Specific academic goals are set based on GPA, credits and anticipated date of completion. These goals are reviewed and updated weekly, then placed in their progress monitoring notebook, which is kept in the classroom.


Using their progress monitoring notebooks, each student also creates long and short term personal goals. The teacher will assist the students in identifying necessary steps to complete these goals and work with the students on monitoring their progress as well.


Utilizing leadership roles within the Pathways Program helps students to recognize the potential within themselves. This ultimately gives them enough purpose and self confidence to lead to greater successes, both personally and academically.

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