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Student Admissions

Walton Academy is a TUITION-FREE Public Charter School serving students in and around Walton County, Florida.


Open enrollment is held from July 1st through the first week in October, each year.


If a Walton County student wishes to enroll after the first week in October, they must go through the referral process at their neighborhood school. See your Guidance Counselor or Assistant Principal to begin this process.


If an out-of-county or out-of-state student wishes to enroll at any time during the school year, they must contact Walton Academy

at 850-892-3999 to discuss enrollment possibilities.

Click the button below to access our Enrollment Packet.  You are welcome to print the packet yourself or visit the front office to request a printed copy to fill out. Please return the completed Enrollment Packet to the front office. We are here to answer your questions.  Please call 850-892-3999 or email

Walton Academy Charter School welcomes all students and prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability, race, color, ancestry, national origin, creed, religion, or gender.

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